How to Enhance Your Online Presence with link Shorteners

In the ever quick changing digital world, it is absolutely vital for a brand to have a strong online presence and they need to be everywhere! One often overlooked way of increasing your online footprint is through the use of customised shortened links. Link shortening tools do more than simply make a long unwieldily link more manageable: they are powerful for adding to your online visibility, encouraging engagement, and importantly for you – they’re trackable, so you can measure their success!

Moreover, shortened, branded links are great for aiding your brand’s visibility. They also play a part in creating a seamless browsing experience for your customer. Long and bulky links use up too many characters, look clunky, deliver an impractical and unprofessional appearance. Shortened links make your message look clearer and they’re also easier for your customers to remember. 

In addition, link shorteners contain analytics capabilities that contain a truckload of priceless data about your customers, such as their browsing and buying behaviours. With these analytics, you can amend your strategies depending on what’s working and what isn’t. The data you get from click rates will help you develop increasingly successful marketing campaigns.

You can use shortened links with many other marketing software packages and platforms including social media like Facebook. This makes the whole implementation and monitoring processes even more attractive. So, not only are link shorteners efficient, they also create an integrated marketing approach across all your marketing channels. With, you can use the shortening function on email addresses and telephone numbers which gives you an opportunity to keep track of enquires arising from these sources- something impossible with previous systems. Those metrics are absolutely invaluable!

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