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As a marketer, you know that in the modern digital landscape, data is everything. It informs all your next moves, your next campaigns. Understanding how your audience interacts with your content provides invaluable insights you can use to drive successful marketing strategies by supercharging your marketing messages. Analysing campaigns gives you the ability to spot what’s really working so you can do more of it, so it stands to reason you want as many data capture options as possible. Link shorteners can be a key tool to help you do that. 

Link shorteners don’t only condense long URLs to make them more manageable and reduce the character count; they can be a powerful analytics tool in your marketing arsenal because you can use them to track the call-to-actions that your customers are reacting to.

Through link shorteners, you can track other vital metrics too such as click-through rates, geographical location of your audience, and the times they are most active, and their buying behaviours. You can then use this information to refine your marketing campaigns, helping you to reach the appropriate audience at the optimum time. Get that right, and you’re guaranteed to improve engagement and then you can watch your conversion rates soar.

What’s more, these tools can integrate seamlessly into your existing marketing tools, providing a unified platform to track and analyse your online performance. From assessing the success of social media campaigns to understanding the behaviour patterns of email recipients, the analytics capabilities of link shorteners offer a wealth of information at your fingertips. is more than just a link shortening tool: we also customise URLs for you so that your customer will be sure it’s really your website they’re visiting when they click on the ‘buy now’ call-to-action. In addition, we have another, super exciting feature where you can shorten email addresses and telephone numbers too AND track the clicks for them! That’s incredible!

And have you heard, QR codes are enjoying a huge resurgence and you can now generate your own from our platform. Use QR codes across your marketing – from your website to your email campaigns, and on your social media channels, as well as on roller banners, exhibition stands, and print advertising.

So, isn’t it time you discovered for yourself the do-it-all resource that will assist you in analysing your marketing campaigns? Try; it’s got you covered!

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