Frequently Asked Questions

What is a link shortener?

  • Answer: A link shortener, aka link shortener, is a tool or service that reduces the length of your long web links and makes them more manageable, more memorable. 

Why do I need a link shortener?

  • Answer: Because long links are difficult to remember, and they take up too many characters in your social media posts. Simplified and branded links are easier for your audience to remember and look more inviting than lengthy, unwieldy links.

Can I track QR code clicks?

  • Answer: Yes, with dynamic QR codes, you can track the records of their use, including how often they were used, where, when, and by what sort of operating system.

How do I create a shortened link for my website?

  • Answer: Creating a shortened link is easy with Simply paste your long link into the box as prompted, and it will generate a shorter, more user-friendly link you can copy and paste into your marketing collateral and activities.

Are there character limits for shortened links?

  • Answer: While character limits can vary, most shortened links are significantly shorter than their original counterparts. automatically generates concise links that are more memorable and save characters.


Can I create a custom domain?

  • Answer: Yes, you can customise your domain so that your audience can immediately relate it to your business. 

Are link short links case sensitive?

  • Answer: YES! So keep it simple!

Can I expire a link?

  • Answer: Yes. When they expire, it will redirect to an alternative place. Doing this is an excellent way of controlling access to particular files, information, and document downloads.

Does offer yearly plans and discount for that??

  • Answer: Yes we do and for all our pricing plans. See our pricing section for details. 

Why do I need to create a short link for an email address or telephone number?

  • Answer: So you can track their usage! Before now, it hasn’t been possible to see how often a mail to or call link has been used, but with a link shortener one, you can!

What is the benefit of shortening an email address or telephone number in SMS marketing?

  • Answer: An SMS is limited to 160 characters. By using a shortened link, you can get more information into one SMS which keeps costs down for you. 

What is a fallback domain?

  • Answer: It is a domain that is used to ensure an email is successfully routed even if the custom domain is no longer active.

Can I report abuse against a link created by a user of

  • Answer: Yes you can. Use the Report Abuse form. We will investigate your report and take appropriate action against any we find are being used for phishing, abuse, or malicious. 

How can I track the performance of my shortened links?

  • Answer: Through the reporting and analytics function of your email marketing platform. 

What are the SEO benefits of using shortened links?

  • Answer: Shortened links are better for SEO because search engines like it when the user experience is enhanced. Because a shortened link is simpler, easier to use and easier to remember, you reap the SEO reward!

Is it possible to use custom domains with

  • Answer: Yes. All but our free plan offers the ability to customise one or more domains, depending on which price plan you opt for.

How can I incorporate shortened links into my social media marketing strategy?

  • Answer: Shortened links are great for social media marketing as platforms have a character limit. They work particularly well for for highly restricted platforms such as X (formerly known as Twitter). So, you can spend more of your character limit on information and less on the link. Simply paste your shortened link into the platform and track the clicks!

Can I use shortened links in email marketing campaigns?

  • Answer: Yes and you should! They look tidier, more professional, and take up fewer characters. They’re also trackable, so you can measure how interested people are in what’s behind the link – then you know if you need to offer more like it.

Are shortened links safe and secure for users?

  • Answer: Yes.

FAQs About QR Codes


What is a QR code?

  • Answer: QR code stands for Quick Response code. Technically, it’s a two-dimensional barcode and it can be read by a smartphone camera. The dots and squares contain a lot of information and when scanned with a camera, this is translated into information us humans can read. They can link to web pages, apps for us to download, can be used to send an SMS and so much more. They’re a great marketing tool to encourage your audience to find out more about a specific topic or product. 

What is the primary purpose of a QR code?

  • Answer: To make it easy for people to access information using their smartphones. 

How do I scan a QR code with my smartphone?

  • Answer: Simply open your camera app, align the QR code within the shown field of view and tap on the link preview.

Can QR codes contain different types of data?

  • Answer: Yes, QR codes can hold website links, phone numbers, or up to 4000 characters of text. 

How can businesses use QR codes for marketing purposes?

  • Answer: In LOTS of ways, including directing people to a web page, call, text, or email, find your business on a map, download an app, find your social media accounts, or link to your shop.

Are there specific QR code designs that are more effective for marketing campaigns?

  • Answer: Dynamic codes are better for marketing campaigns because they can be tracked, and therefore, you get valuable information as to how important it was to your audience.

Can QR codes improve offline-to-online customer engagement?

  • Answer: Yes because you can use a QR code for information for your audience to direct them to your online platforms, such as social media and your website. 

How can QR codes benefit brick-and-mortar businesses?

  • Answer: A QR code could contain a link to a map of where your business is, as well as providing offers and incentives to draw people to your shop. They can also contain phone numbers and email addresses making it easier for your audience to connect with you. 

Can QR codes support contactless payments and transactions?

  • Answer: Yes! In fact, many restaurants are starting to use them already but they can also be use in other leisure and hospitality situations as well as in retail. 

How can QR codes enhance event marketing and attendance?

  • Answer: Yes because they’re interactive and can be placed around venues to guide people around, keep them reminded of what else is on offer and other elements there are to visit. 


What are some best practices for creating effective QR code campaigns? 

  • Answer: Firstly, make sure it’s a dynamic code so you can track its usage. Ensure it’s a high resolution image for maximum success. And importantly, remember this is going to be scanned by smartphone users, so optimise the landing page for mobile!
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