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For the first time, craft short, clickable links for email addresses and telephone numbers, allowing you to monitor every click on these unique links effortlessly.



Boost your email campaigns by embedding email address links via, superseding the conventional MAILTO. The moment a customer engages with the newly shortened link, the action is instantly captured in your click reports, providing immediate insights.


In the same vein, refine your method of including clickable telephone numbers in your campaigns. Rather than directly embedding the phone number, employ to generate a shortened link. Incorporate this link as you would any standard web link, and observe the click-through metrics directly on your GetResponse email marketing platform’s report.

QR code generator:

Expand your offline marketing strategies by integrating QR codes for email sign-ups. Dive into the convenience of our QR code generator now!

Custom domains:

We strongly advise that when using LinkShortener for your email marketing and SMS marketing, you opt for custom domains.


Custom domains, sometimes referred to as ‘vanity domains’, are an exclusive feature of our ‘pro plan’.


Relying on a communal domain for shortening links in email marketing and SMS marketing might affect your inbox deliverability.
(Note: This doesn’t apply to short links for web links or other marketing channels, such as websites and social media. For email and SMS marketing, it’s optimal to utilize your own custom domain!)

Shorten links for SMS marketing:

Optimize your SMS campaigns with by generating succinct links for both email addresses and phone numbers.


This not only conserves essential characters, potentially minimizing the SMS count you dispatch, but also cuts down on per-send costs. Additionally, for the first time, similar to email marketing, you can design trackable links for email addresses and phone numbers, enabling you to track direct engagements from SMS campaigns right within GetResponse.


This groundbreaking feature is set to redefine your SMS marketing approach, delivering unparalleled insights and cost savings.

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However, if you’re leveraging for email marketing, we strongly suggest integrating a custom domain to ensure your inbox deliverability remains unaffected. Using a communal link shortening tool might have repercussions, so it’s advisable to generate short links and brand them with your distinct custom domain. (For more on custom domains, refer above or delve deeper here)


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