Maximising Your Brand’s Potential with Custom Link Shorteners

In a crowded online marketplace, building your brand’s presence is more crucial than ever. Your reputation literally depends on your ability to gain recognition within your target audience. Of course, they have to like what they see if you’re to draw them into your journey and keep their interest, but it’s crucial that your brand has as many touch points with them as possible to maintain your foothold. Link shorteners are an exceptional tool for reinforcing your brand’s identity, raising visibility and your credibility factor.


What do we mean when we say ‘custom shortened link’? It’s a link that does what it says at the tin! Using a custom link  shortener helps you to embed your brand’s identity into every (shortened) link you create, developing a consistent and professional identity throughout all your online communications. 


Moreover, a shortened link helps to build trust within your target audience, as they are able to easily identify your brand through the shortened customised links you share. With so many dodgy websites round, giving your target market confidence that the link is yours and is, therefore, safe, has never been more important. A non-branded link or even a non-shortened link look like gobbledygook and do not engender trust: there will be some within your audience who will suspect a random unrecognisable link could lead them off to a random website with all sorts of nefarious intentions! And of course, that means they won’t click on your call-to-action.


Additionally, custom link shorteners enable you to track the overall performance of your links: you can see who has clicked and how frequently, so you can see what’s working and what isn’t. These sorts of insights are essential so you can hone your marketing strategy and your messaging. 


By understanding how your target market interacts with your content, you can make informed decisions about segmenting your audience appropriately so that in future, you can send relevant messages, offers, and discounts that appeal. That sort of targeting will increase your click-through-rates, and it also will result in an uptick on sales! 


Targeted messaging will also mean you’ll see a reduction in your unsubscribe and unfollowing rates because you are sending the appropriate content to the right people. The more engagement you get on-line, the better your website’s visibility gets too, so in all ways, you are bolstering your brand’s online presence and, therefore, improving its chances of success.

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