The Resurgence of QR Codes:

Why They Are More Relevant Now than Ever

A few years ago, there was a push to use QR codes in marketing, but somehow, they never really took off. But now, they’re making a comeback!


So, why didn’t they capture the imagination the last time around? Possibly, the majority of the population didn’t understand what to do with them, how to use them, or what they represented. So, for a few years, their use fizzled out.


Now though, we’ve started to see them gaining popularity, being used on everything from magazine advertisements to orange juice cartons. They’re becoming more prevalent too in email marketing campaigns because it’s an easily trackable call-to-action. It seems the general public is recognising that scanning them unlocks access to additional benefits, information, or discounts.


The age of the QR code has come around as they reclaim their place as a vital tool in the digital toolkit. But why have QR codes become more relevant now than ever? Is it better camera technology or the rise of a tech-savvy youth who have a better understanding of their purpose. Or have they simply reached critical mass where how to use them has finally reached a broader population?


We suspect there are multiple reasons for their rise in popularity. As much as it may now seem a dim and distance event, the global pandemic played a significant role in this resurgence as it did for a lot of technology, necessitating contactless interactions and transactions. QR codes delivered a safe and efficient way to continue business operations during particularly challenging times.


There’s little doubt that the advancements in smartphone technology have contributed to the growing relevance of QR codes. Today, most smartphones come equipped with built-in QR code readers, making it easier than ever for users to engage with these codes. Not that these are necessary, a camera will do just as well, but for some who are less comfortable with technology, having a dedicated QR app is something that allows them to feel more comfortable.


QR codes offer a cost-effective solution for businesses: they’re relatively low-cost to create, easy to implement, and offer valuable insights into customer behaviour and preferences. Because they’re trackable, the results can be leveraged to craft targeted marketing strategies making those strategies increasingly effective.


There are a myriad of ways to incorporate QR codes into your marketing activities. They can be used to link to sorts of material such as discounts, limited time offers, downloads, additional information or behind-the-scenes content. The options are literally endless.

They create a FOMO factor, prompting our innate curiosity: what’s behind the code? The interactive nature of QR codes encourages interaction and engagement from your audience – and that’s all great information for you to collect. Who is looking, what are they looking at, and how often? is more than just a QR code generator: sure, you can generate your QR code which then means you can track who is interacting specifically with that piece of content. You can also create shortened links for email addresses and telephone numbers, and embed them as a call-to-action (CTA) within your marketing, and then track the click throughs to measure where those emails and phone calls have come from.


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