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Are you ready to transform your online presence and streamline your digital strategies? LinkShortener.io is here to empower you with the tools you need to succeed in today’s digital landscape. Discover why LinkShortener.io is your one-stop solution for URL shortening, QR code creation, and pioneering features to shorten email addresses and phone numbers.


Why Choose LinkShortener.io?

1. URL Shortening Made Easy: LinkShortener.io simplifies the process of converting lengthy URLs into concise, user-friendly links. Our user-friendly platform ensures you can quickly shorten any URL with just a few clicks.

2. QR Code Generation: Seamlessly create QR codes from your shortened links. LinkShortener.io offers built-in QR code generation, making it effortless to connect your physical and digital marketing efforts.

3. Shorten Email Addresses: LinkShortener.io is the world’s first URL link shortener with dedicated features to shorten email addresses. Enhance the user experience by making email addresses easier to access and track clicks for improved analytics.

4. Shorten Phone Numbers: We also lead the way in shortening phone numbers. Transform phone numbers into trackable links, enabling accurate monitoring of “tel:” clicks in your email marketing campaigns.

5. Customization: Tailor your shortened links and QR codes to match your brand. Maintain consistency and build brand recognition across all your digital touchpoints.

6. Analytics and Insights: LinkShortener.io provides in-depth analytics, helping you understand how your links perform. Gain valuable insights into click-through rates and user engagement.

7. Security: Rest assured that your links are safe and secure. We prioritize data protection and use HTTPS to keep your links and user data safe.

8. User Support: Our dedicated support team is here to assist you at every step. Whether you have questions or need guidance, we’re here to help.


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Join the ranks of satisfied users who have experienced the power of LinkShortener.io in transforming their online strategies. Whether you’re a marketer, business owner, or content creator, our platform offers a suite of tools designed to enhance your digital presence and drive results.


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