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Where you can seamlessly integrate shortened links using custom domains. For the first time, create short, clickable links for email addresses and telephone numbers, enabling you to track every click on these types of links with ease. Enhance your email campaigns by incorporating email address links via, replacing the standard MAILTO. As soon as a customer clicks on the newly shortened link, the activity will be reflected directly in your click reports, offering you real-time insights. Similarly, optimize your approach to adding clickable telephone numbers in your campaigns. Instead of embedding the phone number directly, use to create a shortened link.


Integrate this link just as you would with any other web link, and monitor the click-through rates directly on your email marketing platform’s click report.

QR code generator:

Don’t stop there; amplify your printed marketing efforts by incorporating QR codes for email sign-ups. Experience the convenience of our QR code generator today!

Custom domains:

We highly recommend that if you use LinkShortener for your email marketing and SMS marketing, that you use custom domains. Custom domains (or similarly called ‘vanity domains‘) are part of our ‘pro plan‘.


Using a shared domain for shortening links within email marketing and SMS marketing, could have impact on your inbox deliverability.

(This isn’t the same for short links  for web links and use on other marketing activity, like websites and social media – just email and SMS marketing is it best to use your own custom domain!)

Shorten links for SMS marketing:

Streamline your SMS campaigns with by creating concise links for both email addresses and phone numbers. This not only saves valuable characters, potentially reducing the number of SMS messages you need to send, but also slashes costs per send to your database. Moreover, for the first time, akin to email marketing, you can craft trackable links for email addresses and phone numbers, allowing you to observe direct clicks from SMS campaigns right within ActiveCampaign.

This innovative feature promises to revolutionize your SMS marketing strategy, offering unprecedented insights and savings.

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Choose the plan that best suits your needs or choose our free plan option. But if you are using for email marketing, we highly recommend adding a custom domain so these links don’t effect your inbox deliverability.


Using a share link shortening tool, could have impact so best to create short links and brand with your own custom domain. (see above about custom domains or read more here)


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With our intuitive platform, you can effortlessly create trackable, shortened links for emails, phone numbers, and more, bringing a new level of insight and efficiency to your strategies.


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